Time nor tide waits for no-one….

It is now past mid September, with today marking the Autumn Solstice.  The days are getting shorter, and although we are still busy on the water I find myself asking again the same question as this time last year.  ‘Just where did the Summer go to?’.  It seems again that it has flown by even faster than a blink of an eye.  And it hardly seems like two months ago since our last blog entry and my promise of filling you in on some stories from our amazing sea kayak adventures.  Having just finished our last lodge based trip of the season to the stunning Isle of Mull it seems fitting to reflect on our first trip there, back at the end of May.  Six of us set out on this trip, and although the weather threw its challenges at us in the form of strong winds, heavy rain, sunshine, cold air, hailstones, and more sunshine it was great to witness the unfaltering determination amongst the group to go sea kayaking regardless.  It may undoubtedly help in the fact that we had the most wonderful lodge to return to at the end of every day, complete with an Aga stove, hot showers ‘great home cooked food’ and ‘a big glass of red by the fire to warm and satisfy the soul!’.

DSC_0003We might be slightly biased given that Mull is part of our home waters but it is a hard task not to brag about its sea kayaking worthiness.  Taking time to explore this Island by sea kayak will not leave you disappointed.  Though perhaps it sounds that we were unlucky with some of the weather we were given, we really were very fortunate.  On the days where the winds blew we were able to make the most of getting to all corners and sides of the Island, sharing pristine sandy beaches with no-one but ourselves, and observe undisturbed views of wildlife, including sea eagles, otters and seals.  DSC_0121

Afternoon basking in the sun (taken by zoom lens)

Afternoon basking in the sun (taken by zoom lens)

But most of all it give us the chance to discover just what it is about Scotland’s west coast that gives it its raw edge of wildness and beauty – both fantastic elements of its sea kayaking appeal.  And as for the rain?  Well… when you’re all snug in your sea kayak you really really don’t notice it!   DSC_0015 DSC_0074 DSC_0078


Seven days later six of us retuned to the mainland feeling content and thoroughly satisfied with our adventures.

Despite the fact that the nights may now be starting to close in. this trip was a great one to kick the season off with and one that will rate highly on our list of favorites.

If you are interested in joining us for one of our sea kayaking lodge based trips or sea kayak expeditions to the Isle of Mull our 2016 dates will appear on our website soon. Alternatively if there are specific dates that you would like to enquire about for you and a group of friends please do get in touch.



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