The Magic of Mull

The Magic of Mull

I first explored the Isle of Mull by sea kayak in 2007 when, with a couple of friends, we set out to paddle around the island.  It was a great trip and there are many moments and memories that float to the surface and make me smile.  Ever since,  no matter how many times i take my sea kayak there, it never fails to surprise or amaze me by its beauty and diversity.  Being one of Scotland’s largest Hebridean Islands it is a place of stunning beauty and well worth exploring by sea kayak.

DSC_8823It’s mountains, white sandy beaches, thousand foot high sea cliffs, fascinating geology, and bird and marine life make this island a complete treasure for sea kayaking.  But the real beauty is not just in what serves as a visual feast, but the fact that when you step onto Mull’s shores, and particularly her western shores, you cant help but feel the history of an island whose story began over 8000 yrs ago.  There are many myths and legends that permeate Mull’s cultural past, including that of Fingal’s cave on Staffa, St Columba, the Spanish Armada’s Florencia and her sunken gold treasure, illegal whisky stills, stone circles, caves and rock carvings, David Livingstone, Sir Walter Scott, the great potato famine, the highland clearances, fairies, water horses, bean-nighe and headless horsemen and perhaps more recently the inspiration for Balamory!DSC_8647 (2)

Mull is an Island full of surprises.  It never fails to impress.  A rugged wild mountain landscape that mysteriously floats above crystal clear seas.  It cannot be recommend it enough.

Our next trip to Mull starts on 30th May to 5th June 2015 and is located in beautiful accommodation right in the heart of the islands west coast.  See here for more details.


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