Challenging your skill level

Most sea paddlers like┬áto be out in the environment, soaking in the experience and enjoying the scenery. This is the main attraction for most people. So naturally, they tend to go out when it’s nice and paddle from A to B (and maybe back) in fairly straight lines or meandering along an interesting coastline. Nothing wrong with, and a lot right with, all of that. But one day – the conditions will change. Something will happen. And then we find the limits of our skill. And our skill might not be enough.

Better to push the limits on purpose, in a safe environment with someone to make sure that it all turns out OK and to help you develop your skill to a higher level. That’s what we are for. And what we find is, that it turns out to be fun! And very satisfying to find that you can cope with, even enjoy, much more severe conditions than you thought.


Andy and Janet came to do all the above. The weather co-operated. Big smiles afterwards (Me too!). Tony

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