Alexis’ Birthday Splash

Alexis started with us as a beginner just over 7 years ago and is one of our “frequent paddlers”. Early on she joined in with what we jokingly refer to as the Seafreedom Ladies Team and has kept us all laughing throughout many trips and adventures. So it was a real pleasure this weekend when the “Team” met to celebrate her “significant birthday” with a couple of day trips in spectacular winter weather. They must have been able to hear us laughing from St Kilda!


Alexis, looking very co-ordinated at Appin


The Ladies Team on Loch Creran


Pirouettes on the eddy lines at Appin Rocks


Welcome to the Seafreedom Blog

Hi folks, welcome to our new website and our new blog. We’ll be using this to keep you up to date with our trips, courses and stories.

It’s been a bit cold and blowy this year so far and Carol has had the good sense to head off to sunny South America for a few months. She’ll be back on the 4th of March with lots of stories and probably a good sun tan.

Meanwhile, despite the flu and a sudden influx of industrial coaching work, Tony has been out for some winter padding with a few clients. There is something particularly magical to be paddling in sight of snow covered mountains.


Kaitlin’s first sea trip (She’s an experienced ww paddler) Looks like she’s enjoying it!


Steph and Cam at Connel. You have to admire anyone who would sign up for moving water training when the hills are that white!

We have a big weekend planned for the 20th to 22nd of February when the “Seafreedom Ladies Team” are gathering for Alexis’s Birthday bash. If you hear a lot of laughter, it’s us.